Is DIY Stucco Repair An Option?

Stucco may be a material that’s often accustomed give houses a more interesting, more textured facade, but over time, it can start to amass cracks. Cracks can cause whole chunks of stucco slump of your house, and if you would like to stay this repair job minimal, you will find that it’s always important to create sure that you just be sure cracks earlier than later. Most cracks in stucco are only aesthetic damage, though if you see a crack that runs from the bottom to a window, you’ll want to test on the integrity of your foundation.

Small Cracks

If you’re coping with a tiny crack or a hairline crack, you could easily make the mistake of letting it go. These cracks aren’t terribly visible, but that doesn’t mean that they can not become larger cracks down the road. It’s very easy to fill small cracks. All you would like could be a high-quality silicone caulk. If you’re worried about the crack standing out even after you’ve got filled it with caulk, simply choose a caulk that’s fitted to painting. Use a spatula to scrape the caulk flat so use a humid cloth to wash up any spare traces.

Mixing Up Mortar

If you’re trying to replenish a bigger crack, you will find that you just need over just caulk. you’ll easily make your own mortar for stucco cracks by mixing an answer that’s four parts builders’ sand to 1 part hydraulic cement, together with however much water you would like to form the answer easy to figure. Avoid making the answer too runny, because it may be susceptible to drip. All of those materials are easy to search out at the local hardware stores.

Filling Larger Cracks

Start by ensuring that the crack within the stucco is clean. There should be no debris and no dirt within the crack before you move to fill it. you’ll use a hose to soak the present stucco, which can make sure that the old stucco won’t take an excessive amount of moisture from the patch that you just are visiting apply. To prep the world further, use a polyvinyl resin bonding agent fitted to masonry to hide the realm that you just are going to patch. After that, you’ll simply apply the mortar to the crack along with your mortar. you will opt to use a soft-bristled brush to texture it to match the remainder of the stucco. At that time, you ought to simply await the new patch to dry.


Some people wish to apply a coat of tar to the patch. After the tar dries, it is easily painted over so the patch matches the remainder of the wall. If you are doing this, it would be worth your while to color the remainder of the wall, as new paint may not match the old paint terribly well.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to repair the stucco on your home, there are variety of things to stay in mind. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the method, by all means call in an exceedingly professional, but many folks find that they will handle this chore very easily on their own.