Which is better? Oil-based or water-based wood floor finish?

The oil-based wooden floor finish might just take the crown between the two because of the unmatched performance it offers you when you opt for it. For one, it looks much better than the water-based wooden floor finish, and this might be ideal for the attractiveness of the room it is installed in.

When you are going for your wooden floor refinish, you obviously want it to be envied by whoever notices it. The oil-based wooden floor finish offers you this because it provides you with a depth of choices in terms of colors and has that perfect shine you might want from a wooden floor finish. 

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On the other hand, the water-based wood floor finish is not as bright and appears to be the dullest of the two. Even with time, as the oil-based wooden floor finish develops a richer and brighter look, the water-based floor finish gets duller. 

Secondly, the oil-based wooden floor finish is fairly durable than other alternatives, as it is both reliable and long-lasting compared to other options. You obviously want to go for an option that will require little maintenance over the time that it is in place, and that is what the old based finish provides you with. It is also a favorite to many because of the fact that it is less costly when compared with its alternatives. 

The main benefit that you could enjoy from using the water-based floor finish is they require less time to set up. All it takes is a couple of days, and the water-based floor finish will be ready for use. On the other hand, the oil-based floor finish takes close to a week to be done, and you will have to wait for up to 24 hours for you to use the floor. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Colorado Springs is a team of wood floor specialists that are ready to assist you today with any hardwood floor projects you may have. Call them for your free quote.